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Business Training, Empowerment & English Lessons with Vive el Sueño


Vive el Sueño is a training program that provides personal empowerment and business skills to local women in Nosara that do not have access to a college education. This is the best way to achieve their dreams and improve the lives of their families.


The beneficiaries participate in workshops, talks, and English lessons to build self-confidence and generate a business model to succeed in the local market with better communication skills and customer service.


Key Indicators. 310 people graduated | three editions per year | 1,120 hours of training & advisory |Survival rate: 93% after five years of operation (+30% than the average rate in CR)

Low-interest loans for SMEs with
Nosara Crece financing program

A credit line with Sistema de Banca para el Desarrollo funds the loans for entrepreneurs in Nosara. This allows us to place credit at the lowest rate in the region. The conditions are inclusive and designed to support the locals living in the community. 

Nosara Crece is looking for more investors and private funds to implement more strategies and initiatives to offer more financial tools to the population at social risk. Contact us to learn more about getting involved.

Know Eliecer and his story below

Eliecer worked for a financial institution a time ago. When he was an employee, he requested a loan, but the interest rate was 55% yearly. He could not pay back the loan, so he got a new job as a shuttle driver when the pandemic hit in 2020. He lost his job and found an opportunity in a new market opened by Nosara Crece in December 2020. 

He became famous for selling plants and started his own nursery with his mother and children. Then, he received the Vive el Sueño training program and applied for a loan in Nosara Crece to expand his business. Eliecer repaid the total capital in only three months thanks to his growing project, the training and tools he got in the training, and the increase in sales after his first business loan with our program. Now, he is looking for a new loan to buy a truck and expand its capacity to supply more and bigger projects in town.

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